International Conference Jaipur

This is official website of Irisworld Science & Technology Education and Research Society (IRISWORLD). IRISWORLD is a registered “Not for Profit” society. The Executive Committee of IRISWORLD consists of the eminent personalities from academia, industry and R&D organizations.

The main objective of IRISWORLD is to form, develop, organize and promote the associations and networks of professionals, scientists, and engineers who are in the field of innovation in Science, Engineering, Technology and Management domains such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Chemical, Petroleum, Aeronautical, Textile, Environmental, Civil, Mechanical, Computer, Electronics, Electrical, Management, Biomedical, Bioinformatics, Bio Technology etc.

IRISWORLD aims to to conduct, promote and organize Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions, Discussions, Seminars, Workshops, Study tours, Industry visits; and to publish professional Journals, Magazines and Newsletters; and to carry on research and development on the above fields.

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